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Finding great deals on new wedding gowns! has become well known for our wide selection of wedding gowns listed far below regular retial prices.  Did you know that a large percentage of those wedding gowns are new and unused?  One user in particular, LaDonna, has a large number of wedding gowns available that were leftover inventory from a bridal store in Georgia. 

“Well in all I (had) over 70 Dresses,” said LaDonna.  “What happened was a small bridal store got hit hard by the finance market and went under and the dresses are what’s left.  Most are brand new dresses still in bags from the makers and have never been tried on much less anything else.  I am just trying to sell what remains.  I am selling the dresses for about what I have in them and not making much-if-any profit, thats why they are so cheap!”

LaDonna hopes to help some lucky brides find the wedding dresses of their dreams for a great price!  I’ve included some of my favorites below, but be sure to check out all of her listings by clicking here

Looking for baby, maternity, and nursery items at a great price?  Be sure to check out!

gown-1Mori Lee Wedding Dress size 18






gown-2Fairy Tale Princess Collection by PC Mary’s





gown-3Demetrious Wedding Gown Princess Line






gown-4Brand New Wedding Gown Mermaid Style


Recycle Your Wedding, LLC releases

Jeff Williams                                                                         

COO- Recycle Your Wedding




SAN DIEGO- Recycle Your Wedding, LLC. announced the launch of, an online marketplace dedicated to helping families save money on goods for infants and toddlers, as well as maternity and nursery accessories.  Just seven months after the successful launch of, follows the same look and functionality that the company’s customers are already familiar with, along with the same dedication to being both budget and environmentally friendly.


Said Recycle Your Wedding, LLC. CEO Rob Bailey, “Getting married and raising a family are dreams that many of us share.  However, those dreams often become a nightmare when young couples realize just how much they are going to spend on their wedding or on the birth of their children. and offer an alternative to high-priced bridal and baby stores.  Our sellers understand what our buyers are going through because they’ve been there – they’ve planned a wedding or they’ve had children – and they know how important it is to save money whenever and wherever they can.”


In a time of economic uncertainty, and were developed to help people save money on some of the most important moments of their lives- that being one’s wedding day and the birth of a child.  With the average cost of a wedding now exceeding $30,000 and the addition of a baby averaging a cost of nearly $12,000 or more in the first year, families are trying to make every dollar count. and offer their members the opportunity to stretch those dollars while remaining a friend to the environment.  With the reusability of products becoming more and more important in an environmentally conscious society, recycling items back into the marketplace is an ideal solution.



Recycle Your Wedding, LLC. was founded in 2007, and released in early 2008.  If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with founders Rob Bailey or Jeff Williams, please email Jeff Williams at

Environmentally Conscious Weddings Can Be Easier On The Mind and The Pocketbook

While the average cost of a wedding in the United States has skyrocketed to nearly  $30,000, the financial stability of most newlyweds has destabilized, particularly during the past few years as the economy has struggled.  As an alternative, many couples are choosing to take a financially and environmentally responsible approach to planning their weddings.  Price, it seems, does not always dictate the quality or elegance of the wedding day.  In fact, more weddings are being planned with a smaller ecological footprint in mind. 

Recycled paper products are an easy first step towards creating an environmentally friendly event.  A wide assortment of invitations, programs, and decorations made out of 100% recycled materials can be found for the same price as many non-recycled alternatives.  But recycled materials are common these days.  According to CEO Rob Bailey, more and more newlyweds are finding it easy and lucrative to recycle other items from their weddings themselves, including the gowns, centerpieces, and other wedding items.  “Every bride wants a fairytale wedding,” said Bailey, “but not every bride can afford to spend $30,000 on their wedding.  That’s why it’s so important to provide economical alternatives to expensive bridal and retail stores.  The bridal community is a tight one, and new brides understand the struggles that future brides face.  When they can share their ideas, suggestions, and even products, it gives everyone a chance to enjoy the possibility of a fantasy wedding come true.” 

It is important to note that items do not have to be made from recycled materials to be “recycled”.  Typically, once the wedding is over, many of the decorations, linens, centerpieces, etc. are often stored in the garage or a spare closet.  Those items are typically still in excellent condition and can be re-used in other weddings, which increases the usefulness of these items.  It also saves many couples and landfills valuable space.  Remember how much the average wedding costs?  Recycling your wedding helps defray some of your wedding costs while also saving another couple money on their own wedding. was founded in 2007 to create an online bridal community where new and soon-to-be brides could buy, sell, and trade wedding items at low prices.  The site offers a variety of wedding items and services for the wedding community. 


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Founders Rob Bailey or Jeff Williams, email Jeff Williams at

Wedding Facts

As a follow-up to my last post, here are more interesting wedding stats (take special note of the expense related statistics- wedding statsthe wedding industry is a $50-billion a year industry!):


  • The average American engagement is 16 months.
  • Every year an average of 2.3 million weddings are performed in the U.S.
  • The Wedding Industry is a 50 billion dollar a year industry
  • Average age for first-time brides is 25 years, for grooms it’s 27.5
  • 175 guests are invited to an average wedding
  • Average size of wedding party: 12
  • 35% of weddings occur in the summer; 29% in the spring; 23% in the fall; 13% in the winter.
  • 11% of winter weddings are Christmas weddings


  • $25k-$30k is the average amount spent on a traditional American wedding
  • A total of $72 billion is spent on weddings annually in the U.S.
  • David’s Bridal accounts for 20% of all bridal-gown sales, and that percentage is increasing
  • The average ring costs $2,000


  • Las Vegas (100,000 weddings/year)
  • Hawaii (25,000 wedding/year)
  • Bahamas (5,000 weddings/year)
  • Jamaica (5,000 weddings/year)
  • U.S. Virgin Islands (4,000 weddings/year)


  • 80% of traditional weddings are performed in churches or synagogue.
  • Four out of five brides are employed.
  • Percentage of engaged couples who’ve known each other longer than 3 years: 69%
  • Percentage of brides who say they’ll be changing their surnames: 60%
  • 93,750: Approximate cost, in dollars, of an average Japanese wedding
  • 150,000: Wedding ceremonies conducted in Canada in 2002
  • 53% of weddings occur in the afternoon; 31% in the evening; 16% in the morning.
  • 30% of receptions are held in churches; 20% in hotels; 20% in country clubs; and 10% each in fraternal halls, private homes, and other locations.
  • 38% of weddings have a buffet; 34% have a sit-down dinner; 28% serve only cake and punch.
  • 62% of weddings have a flower girl.
  • 56% have a ring bearer.


  • January 4.7%
  • February 7.0%
  • March 6.1%
  • April 7.4%
  • May 9.8%
  • June 10.8%
  • July 9.7%
  • August 10.2%
  • September 9.6%
  • October 9.4%
  • November 7.4%
  • December 7.8%


  • Reception 28.3%
  • Consultant 15.0% (if hired)
  • Wedding Rings 11.5%
  • Photography/Video 6.6%
  • Bridal Gown 6.1%
  • Music 5.2%
  • Flowers 4.6%
  • Bridal attendants’ apparel 4.5%
  • Rehearsal dinner 4.2%
  • Men’s formal wear 3.2%
  • Invitations 2.8%
  • Attendants’ gifts 2.1%
  • Mother of the bride apparel 1.7%
  • Bride’s veil 1.6%
  • Clergy and ceremony fees 1.2%
  • Limousine 0.9%
  • Groom’s attire 0.8%

WHO WILL PAY (for some portion of the wedding)

  • Brides parents  58%
  • Grooms parents 32%
  • Bride & Groom  77%
  • Sponsored Wedding  1%


  • Among couples who choose a traditional wedding, 99 percent take a honeymoon.
  • Couples spend an average of $4,000 on their honeymoon. That’s three times as much as the average U.S. adult spends on a vacation.
  • The length of an average honeymoon is seven days.
  • 45 percent of honeymoon trips are to domestic locations; 55 percent are foreign.
  • The Honeymoon Industry is a 12 billion dollar a year industry.

(Statistics from National Association of Wedding Ministers, Bridal Association of America, and Association of Bridal Consultants)