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Cool Ideas For Your Wedding

In exploring the blogosphere (which somehow must fall into my job description), I learned about a cool Jewish wedding custom called Yichud.  This is the explanation from I Now Pronounce Your Bride And Blog

Yichud: In marriage, Yichud is also part of the Ashkenazic Jewish wedding ceremony. The newly married couple publicly seclude themselves in a closed room for several minutes.

What a great way for the new bride and groom to get away from the crowd for a moment and catch their breath after the ceremony to reflect on what just happened.  Although I’m not Jewish, I wish I was aware of this custom when I got married a few years ago- I definitely would have worked it in to the day’s events.

There are so many cool wedding customs/traditions that a lot of us are not aware of.  If you have one of your own, please share it with the rest of us!



Recycle Your Wedding…Gown

We recently updated the category list at to include an expanded category for wedding gowns.  Now you will find Wedding Dresses featured at the top of the category list, and you can select the appropriate size, color, and style when searching for dresses.

In updating the Wedding Dress category, I took some time checking out the wide assortment of gowns available.  Every size, color, and style is well represented, with many gowns listed for $100 or less!  Check out a few of my favorites here:

Galina White Strapless Tea Length #T8627

Strapless Mori Lee Wedding Dress

Beaded Halter Wedding Gown

Speaking of wedding gowns, I have received some great feedback from brides-to-be who have purchased wedding gowns at  Here are a few comments:

“I found your site from a friend and I fell in love with the dress as soon as I saw it and knew that that was the dress for me.  I did complete my transaction sucessfully and I absolutely love the dress. I have not used it yet as my wedding isn’t until net year. I will definately be using your site again.”   – Michelle

“I read an entry on Craig’s list in which someone referenced your site.  I felt like I’d hit the jackpot!  I tell other brides who are looking to buy or sell wedding merchandise to go to your site.  It’s a treasure trove and such a unique idea.  Thanks for offering it.  The dress was exactly as pictured and was new as advertised.”  – Chantice (who actually just got married on 8/8/08- congratulations!)

We appreciate all of the positive comments!  Keep them coming, and thanks for all of your support!

Jeff Williams

The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories of budget woes and dream wedding dresses that were to expensive to realistically purchase on limited funds (see Is Your Wedding Budget Ruining Your Wedding Planning).  We have shared those stories with the producers of a major network television show, and can’t wait to see where they go with it!

Stay tuned for information on this story from!

Is Your Wedding Budget Ruining Your Wedding Planning?

Wish you could afford your dream wedding dress, but it’s simply not in the budget?  Maybe affording your dream dress means no money for your honeymoon.  If these descriptions sound familiar, is here to help!

If you are dying to buy the designer dress of your dreams but your budget is getting in the way, a major network television show wants to hear your story.  They are teaming up with to discuss cost saving tips to make your wedding perfect while not breaking the bank.  If you fit this description, please contact us right away!  E-mail Jeff Williams at with your contact information and a picture of yourself so we can put a face with a name.  And who knows, you might even get a chance to appear on the show!

“Web Site Looks To ‘Green” Nuptials

From the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

By Diana Sholley


When Kate Baker started planning her wedding, the 30-something Rancho Cucamonga resident had definite ideas about what she wanted – and what she didn’t.


“I wanted to be environmentally conscious,” said Baker, who exchanges vows Aug. 9. “Not a lot of waste. It seems everything ends up in landfills.”


She also didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars on a dress she’d wear only once.


Baker found a place to buy some wedding necessities that fit her ethics as well as her pocketbook: the auction Web site


It was at that site that Baker won her Oleg Cassini designer wedding gown for her final bid of $100.


The dress features spaghetti straps and a beaded bodice. It retailed new for $900, and even after paying for the dress, its shipping and dry cleaning, Baker paid less than $200 for what will likely be the centerpiece of her wedding.


“It’s like new,” she said. “Simple, absolutely gorgeous and fits perfectly.”


Baker recommends and vows anything left over from her wedding is going back on the site for sale.


Recycle Your Wedding was created by Jeff Williams and Rob Baily, two friends who met about 10 years ago while working together in a San Diego insurance office.


The pair clicked instantly. They both shared the dream of owning their own business and were always trying to come up with that one big idea.


No matter how hard they tried, their future perfect business venture wasn’t materializing. Then one day, it dropped in their laps.


“It was after Rob’s wedding,” said Williams, who still lives in San Diego. “They had paid for a lot of it on their own and purchased things bit by bit. After the wedding there was so much stuff left over sitting in their garage.”


The duo started talking about the extravagance of weddings, the expense and indulgence, and “wouldn’t it be nice if…”


About six months ago, that “if” became a reality and was born.


“We thought it would be great for people to have a place like this site, dedicated to weddings,” Williams said. “We were nervous, but more excited. We didn’t know how easy it would be to market. We had never done anything like this before.”


With their wives’ blessings they started their business. Its inventory included about 12 items from Baily’s wedding.


Mentioning their new venture to family and friends started to fill the site, which was getting about 100 hits a day.


As word of mouth spread, the business grew. It now averages about 1,000 hits a day, mainly from those searching for such wedding needs as bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos for all ages, decorations, invitations, save the date cards, wedding favors, head pieces and so much more.


Signup is free and so is listing items for sale on the site – with a picture.


“We want to encourage people to recycle, helping the cycle of life for those items that have just been laying around,” Williams said. “I hate the idea of wasting things.


The site revenue comes from a percentage taken from each sale, between 4 percent and 5.5 percent. There also are upgrades available including preferred placement and extra photos of the item.


The site has become so popular that its founders are expanding. Beginning this fall, look for

Wasting Money While Planning Your Wedding

I came across a cool blog entry at  which discussed wasting money while planning a wedding.  Writer Kelley Lynn listed the top 11 money-wasters, and I almost wish she didn’t stop at 11!  The cost of a wedding may be one of the most marked-up events on which many people will ever spend their money, based on the value you are getting for your money.  Please note that I have no problem with how much money someone spends on their wedding- to each his/her own, right?  But I do have a problem with the way the wedding community gets gouged on many of the items and services they purchase.

So without further ado, here are the Top 11 Ways To Waste Your Money (while planning your wedding) from  Be sure to check out the entire article here for a complete summary of each point!

1.  Cake Serving Set

2.  Monogrammed Toasting Flutes

3.  Save The Date Cards

4.  Personalized Napkins

5.  Makeup Artist

6.  Elegant Guestbook and Pen Set

7.  Bridal Hairpieces (tiaras, combs, etc)

8.  Grooms Cake (I didn’t know they existed!)

9.  Elaborate Pew or Aisle Decorations

10.  Bride and Groom Exchanging Gifts

11.  Monogrammed Aisle Runner

Some of you might be thinking, “Hey!  I like my elaborate personalized monogrammed tiara!”  And that’s ok.  The main point is this:  How much did you spend on it, and how much could you have spent on it?  You would be surprised at how much money you can save by shopping around (and using a site like of course!).  It is possible to save money and save waste when planning a wedding if you are aware of the variety of choices you really have.

Happy wedding planning!

RYW in the The Green Bride Guide received another great review, this time from The Green Bride Guide.  Check out this quote from our own Rob Bailey:

“Every bride wants a fairytale wedding, but not every bride can afford to spend $30,000 on their wedding.  That’s why it’s so important to provide economical alternatives to expensive bridal and retail stores.  The bridal community is a tight one, and new brides understand the struggles that future brides face.  And when they can share their ideas, suggestions, and even products, it gives everyone a chance to enjoy the possibility of a fantasy wedding come true.”

Amen!  You can read the entire post at The Green Bride Guide here.