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I found a great little review of our website at Stylehound (from The Sheffield School of Design)!  Writer Patricia Gray had this to say about the site:

“I love this idea because I find so much wedding day gear is disposed of, while not necessarily being disposable. There are several amazing dresses (some worn once, some not at all) up for sale on the site. I have no problem buying a designer gown that is outrageously priced knowing that I can sell it later. Living in NYC, storing a wedding dress indefinitely is not always practical anyway.”  You can check out the entire article here.

Patricia, I couldn’t agree more!  Except for the part about the purchasing of a designer gown…I’ll leave that to my better half.  But seriously, I’m very happy that other people are expressing the same concepts that we believe in at  Weddings can be expensive and wasteful- make it a point to recycle them!


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